Case Study #13: Maxpack MFT-S 420 Vertical Machine with Maxpack Multihead Weigher Scale to Pack Frozen Foods (IQF) in Pillow Bags in Compact Space

Case Study #13: Maxpack MFT-S 420 Vertical Machine with Maxpack Multihead Weigher Scale to Pack Frozen Foods (IQF) in Pillow Bags in Compact Space

Case Study #13: Maxpack MFT-S 420 vertical machine with Maxpack multihead weigher scale to pack frozen foods (IQF) in pillow bags in compact space.


The project consists of a Maxpack VFFS MFT-S 420 vertical machine with a Maxpack 14-Head 2.5L multi weigher scale configured to pack frozen foods in pillow bags in a compact floor space.

The volumes considered for the project are 42 grams and 100 grams. While the formats of the bag were pillow with laminated material.


  • Product Type: Frozen Foods
  • Requested Speed: 40-50 BPM
  • Bag type: Pillow
  • Formats considered:
    • 42 Grams
    • 100 Grams
  • Material Type: Laminated
  • Feeding Format: 14-Head Multihead Weigher Scale 2.5L dimpled bucket and vibration cone
  • Specific requirements:
    • Compact floor space
    • Frozen and humid environment


Our recommendation

  • Maxpack MFT-S 420 Vertical Forming, Filling and Sealing Equipment (VFFS)
  • Packaging speed of Maxpack MFT-S 420 model for this project: 40-50 BPM depending on the characteristics of each product to be packaged
  • Machine structure in SS AISI 304 #
  • Siemens PLC S7-1200 and HMI KTP700 control systems
  • A bag former is needed per width format required for a total of 2 bag formers. One is included in the VFFS MFT-S 420 machine
  • Nitrogen flush system for MFT-S 420
  • Maxpack Multi-head dosing scale (14 heads), 2.5L dimpled with corrugated surface and upper vibrating cone to avoid product adherence
  • Protection of electrical panel for humid environments and frozen product packaging
  • Balance control system brand Allen Bradley PLC and HMI Siemens TP900 Comfort
  • Support platform for balance in SS AISI 304 # OSHA compliant
  • “S” shape product elevator with PP chain belt in SS AISI 304 # structure with frame for internal belt washing, feeding hopper connected to 200L belt
  • Conveyor belt for with PP chain in SS AISI 304 # frame
  • TTO thermal transfer printer for dates and batch number integrated to the packaging machine MFT-S 420
  • Rotary bag collection table with speed control and structure in SS AISI 304 #


When analyzing the client’s requirements, specifically requesting a machine to pack Pillow bags in a small space and in a frozen and humid environment, the solution was proposed using the Maxpack machine of the MFT-S 420 series that has the capacity, speed and dimensions to handle customer product presentations and meet the specific requirement to enter a compact space.

The machine met the project requirements and more. The Maxpack MFT-S420 and the multi-head units are highly flexible, allowing quick format changes and easy access for cleaning.

A 14-head Maxpack multihead was proposed for the product dosing system. This equipment provides precision in the packaging of frozen and wet products that, due to their different weight and volume characteristics of each unit, demand packaging in an exact weight within the ranges required by the customer. In addition, the equipment is configured so that it can work in this type of humid environment.

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