Case Study #10: Maxpack Line of Packaging Machinery to Pack Frozen Foods and Snacks in Doypack Bags with Zipper

Case Study #10: Maxpack Line of Packaging Machinery to Pack Frozen Foods and Snacks in Doypack Bags with Zipper

Case Study #10: Maxpack line of packaging machinery to pack frozen foods and snacks in pre-formed doypack bags with zipper.


The project consists of a versatile line with the ability to package various products, both Frozen Foods and Snack Foods in recyclable doypack bags with zipper. All products are plantain based. The Frozen Food products are Maduro and Tostón, while the Snack Food is the Tostón ready-to-eat.

The packaging machinery line includes a horizontal packaging machine for a pre-formed recyclabe doypack bag with zipper and a multihead weigher scale with forteen (14) heads suitable for working with frozen products and snacks.

The frozen product bags have a volume of 2 lbs., whilst the snack product bags have a volume of 200 gr.


  • Product Type:Ripe and Frozen Tostón, and Tostón Snack
  • Volumes:2 lbs. for the frozen product and 200 gr. for the snack product
  • Speed​​required for this project is 20-30 Bags Per Minute (BPM)
  • Bag type:Pre-formed recyclable doypack bag with zipper
  • Material Type:Laminated and metallic laminated
  • Ability to inject nitrogen into the bag of the Tostón snack


Our recommendation:

  • Maxpack MFSG-240 Horizontal Machine with #304 Stainless Steel structure for pre-made bags and with the capability to handle bags with a maximum width of 240 mm and a maximum length of 300 mm.
  • This machine adjusts to the humid and cold working conditions of the client’s plant; and is easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning purposes.
  • Maxpack Multihead Weigher Scale with forteen (14) heads for the dosing of the product designed and configured to work in frozen environments.
  • #304 Stainless Steel Platform for the Multihead Weigher Scale.
  • Product elevator with food grade plastic bands for easy cleaning during product changes.


The proposed line of Maxpack equipment including a MFSG-240 Horizontal Machine, both the horizontal packaging machinery for pre-formed doypack bags with zipper and the Multihead Weigher Scale system, comply with the required speed goal of 20-30 BPM. The machine is highly functional as well as versatile and has the capability of handling multiple formats that the client specifically requested.

The equipment was designed to work in humid and cold conditions. Additionally, it was possible to accommodate another bag material for the frozen product on-site. This material is a recyclable PE bag for the presentations of Maduro and Tostón of 2 lbs. also working within the stated objective of 20-25 BPM for this type of material.

Finally, we highlight the ability of the machine to carry out the process of grabbing the bag, opening it, filling it with the required weight and automatically sealing it.

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