Case Study #5: Packaging of Liquid and Viscous Fruit Pulp, Juices and Concentrates in Pillow Bags with VFFS

Case Study #5: Packaging of Liquid and Viscous Fruit Pulp, Juices and Concentrates in Pillow Bags with VFFS

Case Study #5: Packaging of Liquid and Viscous Fruit Pulp, Juices and Concentrates in Pillow Bags with VFFS


The project consisted of packaging machinery for the filling and sealing of polyethylene pillow bags with liquid fruit pulp.


Our recommendation had to take into account the following requirements:

  • The product is viscous
  • The bag specifications were the following: Height 180 mm x Width 100 mm
  • The client required a speed of 25-35 BPM
  • The product volumes: 495 ml and 1,000 ml
  • The cover type: Pillow Polyethylene
  • The filling format: Per cover and sealed


We recommended:

  • An average speed of 25-35 BPM as requested. *The speed should serve as a guide, the final speed will be determined by the volume, the packing material, and the physical characteristics of the specific product of the client.
  • In the future, if the client wanted to start packing 2,000 ml, we made it possible so that this could be done just by adding a bag former for a different bag width.
  • A machine with stainless steel AISI 304 # structure
  • An adequate machine to work with polyethylene film to form sleeves and polyethylene seal.
  • A servo piston with 304 # stainless steel structure and contact parts in SS 316L #.
  • A 50L tank with double layer of stainless steel AISI 316L #, with an electric heater, product agitator and level sensor.
  • A tank with CIP connections for cleaning and sanitizing the machine.
  • A machine with UV light for film disinfection.
  • A rotary table in stainless steel AISI 304 # for bag collection.
  • A TTO batch thermal transfer printer.


Our solution for this packaging requirement of liquid fruit pulp in polyethylene bags was to recommend our vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) packaging machine Maxpack MFT-540 with its servo piston filler to guarantee the accuracy in the packaging, versatility in the change of the volume and in the format changes of the bag sizes.

The MFT-540 machine does not only meet the customer’s 25-35 BPM production requirement, it also meets the accessibility requirement for maintenance, calibrations, and cleaning required by the customer thanks to its 360 degree open-frame access. This design makes it a very versatile equipment, easy to calibrate and clean.

This machine is also configured to meet the requirements demanded by this type of product and its industry such as cleaning and sterilization. For example, the machine has UV lights for film sterilization and the 50L tank in 316L stainless steel has an electric heater to maintain product temperature, an agitator and CIP connection to connect the washing system and perform the respective cleaning and sterilization of the tank.

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