Case Study #1: Vegetable Salads in Pillow Bags

Case Study #1


Packaging solution for mixed/chopped vegetable salads in pillow bags using a VFFS machine.


  • Product: pre-made vegetable salads (lettuce, carrots, cauliflower, etc.)
  • Packaging type: Pillow bags.
  • Required speed: 20-30 BPM
  • Packaging formats:
    • 200g: 280x200mm
    • 1000g: 380x280mm
    • 3000g: 450x300mm
  • The processing plants relative humidity was slightly over 90%
  • The product is packaged at a temperature of 50 degrees °Fahrenheit or 10 degrees °Celsius
  • The packaging material is a co-extrusion of PLA/BPAT
  • The packaging of the product must include a nitrogen injection


  • Packaging format needed by the client requires VFFS
  • Vertical forming, filling and sealing equipment (VFFS) proposed was the MFT-730
  • This project requires a packaging speed of the Maxpack MFT-730 of 20-40 BPM
  • Machine structure is SS 304#
  • Siemens PLC and HMI KTP control systems
  • A bag former is needed per width type, for a total of 3 formers. The first former is included with the machine
  • An Omron brand temperature controller and encoder are included as well
  • A nitrogen injection system for VFFS
  • Multi-head dosing scale (10 heads), with 2.5 L corrugated surface cubes and upper rotating cone to avoid product to adhere or stick
  • Scale control system Siemens PLC and HMI TP Comfort
  • Scale support platform for SS 304#
  • “S” shaped product elevator conveyor and feeder for SS 304#
  • Rotary table RT-1200 for SS 304# (Diameter 1200 mm, converter for speed adjustment)
  • Conveyor belt for FC-900 packaged product Thermo-transfer printer for dates and batch number for vertical packaging machinery

Take Away

When analyzing the customer’s needs, specifically requesting a machine to pack in Pillow type bags for widths of up to 300 mm, the proposed solution was to use the Maxpack MFT-730 machine, which has the capability, speed and dimensions to handle the different presentations of the client.
For the product dosing system, the 10-head multi-head scale was proposed. Reason being that this system provides precision and is capable of handling the specific product and volume needed. In addition to this, the scale is configured with a rotating cone in the upper part, for a uniform distribution of the vegetables. The weighing cubes are designed with a corrugated surface in order to avoid wet vegetables to adhere.

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